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Dr Michelle Mars: It started with a kiss

The Sex.Scoop Weekly sex tip.

It started with a kiss [1]

By Dr Michelle Mars [2]


Remember how exciting a kiss was when you were a teenager discovering sex? Or that, ‘you’re so lovely, I want to kiss you’ feeling you felt with a new partner. Or even the last time you watched two people kissing in a movie. Slow down and really think about that kiss. The feel of the lips, the taste of the tongue. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is as I write this.

The arousal factor is the great thing about kisses, they get us in the mood for love, they make us feel sexy, they entice us down a pleasurable path. A kiss communicates our level of desire and arousal. There is nothing like an erotic kiss to really get the juices flowing and juiciness is vital for fabulous sex.

Kisses are amazing and too often in sex we don’t give them enough consideration. If you want to be a better kisser watch us on Goodmorning TV [3]

To begin at the beginning [4], a parched mouth just is not sexy, so remember to keep hydrated, drink some water.

An erotic kiss should be slow. We tend to rush through our sexual encounters. Never rush through the kisses to ‘get to the good stuff’, kisses are supposed to be savored. Take your time. Relax your mouth and really get in the mood. Feel the pleasure flow down the front of your body.

And remember, a good kiss doesn’t leave to much space in the mouth. Don’t vacuum your lovers tongue out of their mouth. But remember sucking face is better than lots of space.

Juicy Lucy with her luscious lips is not some collagen enhanced porno queen. Juicy Lucy is you!

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