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FemFresh Research: Women lack confidence in bed

FemFresh Research: Women lack confidence in bed

Dr Michelle Mars


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Recent research done by Femfresh, a company that sells… ‘a range of feminine hygiene products, designed especially for women, to help you stay clean and fresh from am to pm’, showed that women lack confidence in bed.

It’s hardly surprising that research done by a company that sells feminine hygiene products would come to this conclusion. These guys are experts in the sexual self confidence market. However, the Femfresh research finding to hit the news does not relate to feminine hygiene, it relates to drinking. Femfresh found that women drink before sex. (See Rebecca Lewis’ article in the Herald on Sunday [2])

According to the Femfresh research we drink before a first sexual encounter, we drink when we go on dates, 75% of us drink before we sleep with our husbands or partners and 6% of us, as Lilly Allen (Lilly Allen, Not Big on UTube) [3] confessed in one of her songs, don’t have sex sober. Kathryn Lakeland of Femfresh, said the results showed women lacked confidence. “The fact alcohol plays an integral role in their love lives shows that women are looking for a boost in self-esteem when it comes to their bedroom antics,” she said.

For New Zealanders this is bad news indeed. New Zealanders like to go out and party. Alcohol is New Zealanders party drug of choice. Our liking for alcohol and a good party is not a bad thing in itself.  A few too many drinks might give you a hangover and make you stay up too late, but it’s not going to spoil the night of partying unless you really drink too much. The bad news is that this cultural practice of ours called binge drinking is not good for sex.

One or two drinks will lower your inhibitions, which if the Femfresh research is correct is a good thing, because you feel more confident. However, more than a couple of glasses will act as a central nervous system depressant. This means that while you may feel like the sexiest person in the room, your body is not working optimally for sex. If a sexual encounter is your goal then more is definitely not merrier.

The Femfresh research tells us something about sexual self confidence. That if we want to have a sexual encounter then it helps to lower our inhibitions.

Body image is classically a key factor for women. We get hung up on not living up to some ideal standard of femininity but what men like and what we think men like are two very different things. Every woman has wondered ‘does my bum look big in this’ while secretly many men have told me that they love big bouncy arses.

Learning more about sex, sexual anatomy or doing exercises to increase our sexual control are other good ways of lowering our sexual inhibitions. But best of all, like anything else in life, sex is something that you get better at with practice. My suggestion to those wanting to lower their inhibitions permanetly would be to practice.

Dr Michelle Mars is a freelance sexologist at Sassi-Inc blogging on the subject of sex for Scoop She can be contacted at michelle@sassi-inc.com. Or you can find out more about us at Sassi-Inc.Com